Getting Started with Cent Pur Cent

Do you also want radiant, healthy skin? Well, then we'd like to let you in on a secret. After all, everything starts with good basic facial care. To help you pick the right products, we selected 5 cosmetics from our range that should definitely be in your basic make-up bag.

You'll see, this will help you get started with our products as a new Cent Pur Cent lover. Bet you'll never want anything else again.

Day Cream: Bonheur Du Jour

It is important to properly nourish your skin. Therefore, after your double cleanse, apply a nourishing day cream every day. Our Bonheur Du Jour is a gel cream that acts on signs of aging, wrinkles and blemishes. A formula with a light and delicate touch with a cooling effect! This day cream has moisturizing, restructuring and softening properties. The cream actively contains Bakuchiol, the plant-based alternative of retinol, and of the fraction polysaccharides extracted from quinoa seeds. The complex of components in the cream helps improve skin tone and alleviate dyschromia. This formula is also clinically and dermatologically tested.

For optimal results, also choose a well-hydrating night cream in the evening, such as our Clair de Lune.

How to use?

Massage a small amount of the day cream from the inside out onto a well-cleaned face in circular motions. Best always rub upwards for a lifting effect.

goede concealer

Liquid Concealer

After your grooming, it is important to even out your skin. With the Liquid Concealer you can hide spots, redness, acne or blemishes. You can then also use this concealer under your eyes for a fresh effect and for a beautiful glow on your face.

How to use?

Apply a pea-sized amount of the Liquid Concealer to the face. Do this while dabbing with a Concealer Brush.

minerale make up

Loose Mineral Foundation

Once you have ironed out all the blemishes and hues, it is important to fix it and apply foundation to your entire face in the same color. The Loose Mineral Foundation is our 100% natural and mineral foundation. The natural ingredients are Zinc, Titanium, Iron and Mica. This powder is perfect for light coverage. Do you prefer more coverage anyway? Then apply several layers on top of each other with your Kabuki.

Important is to choose the right color. The even numbers have a yellow undertone, the odd a pink one. Ask for advice from your pharmacist or during a workshop/demoday from our make-up artist.

How to apply?

Tap some powder into the lid of your jar. Swirl your Kabuki well into the powder and then apply evenly over the face. Also on your face, it is important to swirl your Kabuki well and push it into your skin. This way, the powder will be absorbed by your skin and you will get a natural and beautiful glow.

If you like more creaminess, wet your Kabuki with a fixing spray.

Contour and Blush

Once your skin is completely evened out, it's time to apply some color to your face.You can do this with our different types of Bronzers and Blushes.

The Contour Glamour palette contains a matte bronzer, a beautiful pink blush and a highlighter. 3 in 1, super easy!

But also our Le Soleil range is perfect to give a beautiful color to your face. According to your skin type and taste, choose a light or dark version.

How to apply?

To countour, apply some matte powder with a Blush Brush or Big Fan Brush under your cheekbones, in your hairline and under your jawline. Make a 3 for a natural, sunkissed look.

Then finish with a Blush of your choice on your cheekbones for a healthy blush on your cheeks.

mineral mascara


Your skin is now completely ready. Then, if you want to add one final touch, it's best to choose a mascara.

We have a whole range of mascaras, for more volume, for short lashes, for more curl. Something for everyone.

A good basic mascara is L'Original. It consists of more than 98% natural ingredients and is suitable for sensitive eyes. The formula is rich in deep black pigments that provide intense and striking color, making your eyes the center of attention immediately.

How to apply?

Apply one or more coats to your lashes. Work from the root to the tip for instant more volume.

What is mineral makeup?

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