Shining despite cancer

In the face of a difficult battle such as cancer, the need to feel beautiful remains a powerful motivator. Women dealing with this drastic illness often ask the question, "Is it okay to use makeup during chemotherapy?" The importance of feeling beautiful, even during the most difficult times, is crucial to maintaining self-confidence and self-esteem. At our company, we understand this and strive to offer products that not only accentuate natural beauty, but are also suitable for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Many of our products are carefully formulated with natural ingredients to allow women with cancer to pamper themselves and embrace their beauty, even in the midst of a challenging journey. Because every woman deserves to let herself shine, no matter what the circumstances. Below we go over the best skin care and makeup products suitable for sensitive skin.

Huile De Beauté

Dry skin due to Chemo?

Thanks to intense chemotherapy, the skin undergoes significant changes, visibly affecting its structure. Often the skin becomes drier and shows red patches. Huile de Beauté is a nourishing oil that provides the skin with extra comfort and moisturizes dry patches.

This oil also acts as a primer, helping dry skin to better blend and hold makeup throughout the day. To maintain hydration, apply the oil to cleansed skin in the evening. In addition, it is suitable for conditioning hair ends and nail beds.

minerale make up

Which foundation can I use?

CC cream is a light coverage tinted cream that nourishes and moisturizes dry skin thanks to the presence of Shea Butter.

The abbreviation "CC" stands for color correcting. This cream is designed to neutralize redness in the skin due to the warm tint present in the product.

Apply the CC cream with a liquid foundation brush for optimal application.

Our Loose Mineral Foundation is a 100% mineral foundation composed of four different minerals: Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron. This composition makes it particularly suitable for sensitive skin, while still providing beautiful natural coverage suitable for all skin types. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, Titanium offers an SPF of 15-20, Mica provides coverage and a beautiful glow, and Iron acts as our dye.

The best way to apply the Loose Mineral Foundation is with the Kabuki in a circular motion. Apply a small amount of the foundation with swirling motions and build up if desired for a more opaque result.

Loose Mineral Foundation Cent Pur Cent

Dull skin under the eyes?

The Loose Mineral Concealer is an all mineral product, making it an ideal choice for both sensitive skin and eyes. It offers natural coverage that subtly brings freshness under the eyes, without noticeable color differences. This concealer is specifically designed to extra camouflage red spots on the skin.

Apply a small amount of Loose Mineral Concealer under the eyes, paying extra attention to the inner corners of the eyes. Use a concealer brush for optimal application.

Eyebrows less visible during chemotherapy?

The Smooth Brow Pencils in Blondes and Brunettes are natural and soft eyebrow pencils that leave a powdery finish. Smooth Brow Blondes has a blonde, ashy undertone, while Smooth Brow Brunettes has a dark brown undertone.

For coloring your brows, another option is to use eye shadow, which you can easily apply with the Brow Brush. For example, choose the 100% natural Loose Mineral Eyeshadow in Café, Caramel or Taupe. This powder will make your eyebrows look fuller.

Draw the eyebrow with the Brow Brush and a small amount of Loose Mineral Eyeshadow. While doing so, follow the natural growth direction of the hairs. Then comb through and soften with the brush at the end of the Brow Brush.

Healthy glow on your face?

The Loose Mineral Blush is completely mineral and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. There are four available shades, two of which are warm shades called "Corail & Peche" and two rosy shades called "Rose & Prune."

If you suffer from redness in the skin, we recommend opting for the warmer shades as they help to soften facial redness. The remaining shade, "Bronze," adds more color and warmth to the face and creates a sunkissed effect.

Apply a small amount of Loose Mineral Blush to the cheeks/cheekbones and work out toward the temples for a lifting effect. Use a blush brush or small powder brush to do this.


What about sensitive eyes?

The Loose Mineral Eyeshadow is a 100% mineral and natural eyeshadow, which makes it particularly suitable for sensitive eyes. Both matte and shimmery shades are available. For a vibrant look, it is best to choose soft, not too dark shades. Avoid colors with lots of red pigment, as they can accentuate fatigue.

To apply eyeshadow easily, tap some powder into the lid. Then, dab your eyeshadow brush into the powder by twisting it into the lid. The intensity of the color on your brush and the effect on your eyelid are determined by the degree of turning. We offer different brushes for applying eyeshadow.


The Volumiyeux eye pencils are extremely easy to use and completely natural. With a simple sweeping motion, apply them effortlessly on the eyelid and you can combine different shades. Blend them out easily with an eyeshadow brush. Moreover, they are moisturizing, which is perfect for dry eyelids.

You have the choice of using the pencil to color the entire eyelid for an intense look, or keep it subtle by using the pencils only for a line. Then blend out the color with an eyeshadow brush.

For sensitive eyes, we have introduced a Mineral Eye Pencil, available in different colors to match any eye look. For a soft line, choose brown or gray, for example, and for a more intense look you can go for black. You can choose to leave the line unchanged or use a Brow Brush or Smudge Brush to blur the line.

Accentuate your eyes with a subtle line on both the upper and lower lash line. Be sure to keep the line on the lower lash line subtle, the more you draw the line toward the inner corner of the eye, the more your eyes will optically diminish.

Can you use mascara?

L'original is a mineral mascara specially designed for sensitive eyes. This mascara gives an intense look, adds a lot of volume and curls lashes beautifully. Moreover, the mascara stays on perfectly all day without giving off. It is available in both brown and black.

If you have naturally lighter lashes, brown is the ideal choice. For those with naturally dark lashes, black is the best option.

Accentuate your lashes with mascara to create an open look. Apply the mascara in zigzag strokes across the lashes. Repeat as needed for a more intense result. Use the small fan brush for a subtle effect or to remove any clumps.

Glowing lips

Mineral Lipsticks offer wearable colors suitable for everyone, ranging from soft nude to raspberry red. Even a touch of lipstick can instantly refresh your face. These lipsticks are not only colorful but also caring and moisturizing thanks to the presence of Shea Butter.

Accentuate your lips for a fresh result. Apply the lipstick directly to the lips or use our lip brush for a more subtle effect. Even with finer lips, the use of a lipbrush is recommended. Repeat as necessary for desired intensity.

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