What makes our Loose Mineral Foundation so special?

For our Loose Mineral Foundation, we have used the most natural form of minerals, with the best quality. We offer several colors suitable for various skin tones. Our foundations are silky smooth, versatile, long lasting and easy to apply. Although they have a light formula, they provide the coverage you are looking for.

The Loose Mineral Foundation consists of only four ingredients, which is why it is such a pure product!


Mica is the replacement for talc. This mineral provides good coverage and keeps your skin from drying out, which talc often does. It also gives your face a healthy glow.


Mineral with a natural sunscreen factor (SPF20).

Iron dioxide

This natural pigment gives your makeup the right color.


Zinc has a conditioning factor (soothing) and works well against redness.

Loose Mineral Foundation & Kabuki Brush Cent Pur Cent
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Loose Mineral Foundation SPF20 - Personalise it
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Loose Mineral Foundation & Kabuki

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For whom?

For everyone! For truly every skin type, even the most sensitive skins. Because of Cent Pur Cent's natural ingredients, the makeup is extremely healthy for your skin. This ensures that you no longer suffer from blackheads, acne, dry skin or other problems. Because we do not add chemical ingredients, there is less chance of allergic reactions.

anti allergische make up

Wist je dat...

Wist je dat… wij vaak samenwerken met oncologie afdelingen en brandwondencentra? Lees er in onze blog alles over

How to use?

Shake some powder into the lid. Swirl your Kabuki brush into the powder and apply to your face with swirling motions. Start in the center of your face outward and do this with a light pressure.Repeat until you get the desired result. Brush: Kabuki or Flat Kabuki.

Shake some Loose Mineral Foundation into the lid.

Swirl your Kabuki into the powder and apply to your face with swirling motions. Start in the center of your face outward and do so with a light pressure.

Repeat until you get the desired result.

Loose Mineral Foundation Cent Pur Cent

Different coverages:

The sheer formulation of our products allows you to choose how much to apply. A thin layer quickly provides fresh, natural care and beauty!

I want light coverage:

Easy peasy, one step and you're ready to go! Run your Kabuki through the powder, and with one coat you have a beautiful natural and light coverage. Your face but better ;) subtle and natural!

I want light-medium coverage:

One coat just not enough for you? Turn your Kabuki one more time, et voilà!

I want medium-full coverage:

Can it be a bit more? Then spray 2x Le Fixeur on your Kabuki, before swirling the Kabuki brush in the powder. Two coats of the Loose Mineral Foundation and instant coverage on point: check!

I want full coverage:

Full coverage? We have the solution for that too. Start with the CC Cream or the Liquid Mineral Foundation. Apply with the Stippling Brush or Flat Kabuki. Fix with a layer of Loose Mineral Foundation, and you're all set to go!

Video Tutorials

  • Perfect skin tips with the loose mineral foundation!

  • How do you use the Loose Mineral Foundation together with our Kabuki?

  • Want to know what to consider when choosing the right shade of foundation? Then be sure to check out this tutorial where Caroline explains the best way to get the perfect color.Watch and learn!

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