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  • About Cent Pur Cent

    Cent Pur Cent is a Belgian, mineral make-up brand by Caroline Rigo. We offer easy, healthy and responsible make-up, skin care and accessories that give you that instant feeling of happiness. Make-up for all skin types, for all women!

  • about us

    Meet the founder: Caroline Rigo

    Top make-up artist Caroline Rigo is well-known in the beauty scene. When it comes to top class skin care and make-up, people refer to Caroline. Hand her some brushes and make-up, Caroline makes every skin radiant and every woman shine bright like a diamond!

  • Our clean commitment

    At Cent Pur Cent, we endeavor to be as natural as possible, which is why each product contains only what is necessary to achieve its purpose. We therefore use raw materials, every single one of them as pure and clean as possible.

  • After 16 years of entrepreneurship in healthy make-up and 5 years of Cent Pur Cent, I can truly state it my life's work. I feel what women need and translate that emotion into make-up. Combining that with the right, and responsible, ingredients, the link to the medical world and development collaborations with top labs, makes Cent Pur Cent the brand it is today.

    Caroline Rigo, founder of Cent Pur Cent

About Cent Pur Cent

It's all in our name. Cent Pur Cent stands for natural, pure, mineral and healthy make-up. After all, we believe that every woman should feel chic, healthy and happy in her skin.

Make-up for all skin types, for all women!


Cent Pur Cent's powders consist of 100% natural minerals, such as Mica minerals sourced from the mountains of Peru. These minerals are carefully scraped from the rocks and micronized into usable and beautifully colored powders. Next to Mica, we also work with titanium, iron and zinc.


The sheer composition of our products allows you to choose how much to apply. A thin layer already gives you a fresh and natural glow!

Women who like a fuller coverage, we recommend our liquid foundation or simply apply an extra layer of loose foundation. You will feel the difference of working with minerals, your pores will not get clogged and your skin will no longer dehydrate.

Dermatologically tested

Our products are dermatologically tested.


Thanks to Cent Pur Cent's natural ingredients, the make-up is extremely healthy for your skin. This ensures that you no longer suffer from blackheads, acne, dry skin or other skin problems.

We do not add chemical ingredients to our products, therefore there is less of a chance of suffering an allergic reaction.

Cruelty free

Op Cent Pur Cent producten vind je vaak het Peppa logo. Zoals je weet is Peppa onze mascotte, maar staat ze ook symbool voor het niet testen op dieren. De Europese wetgeving zegt echter dat je dit niet mag claimen, aangezien geen enkel make-up product dat in Europa verkocht wordt, nog op dieren getest wordt. Zie hieronder voor de officiële verklaring.

In de toekomst zal Peppa dan ook verdwijnen van onze verpakkingen.

*In overeenstemming met het EU-verbod op dierproeven voor cosmetica, zoals vastgelegd in artikel 18 van de EU-cosmeticaverordening, wordt de claim "cruelty-free" gebruikt om aan te geven dat geen van onze producten of ingrediënten onderworpen zijn aan dierproeven waar dan ook ter wereld. Dit verbod is van essentieel belang om dierenleed te voorkomen en de ontwikkeling van alternatieve testmethoden te bevorderen.

Onze formules zijn niet getest op dieren buiten de EU om buiten de EU te worden verhandeld. We hebben ons ook gecommitteerd om geen dierproeven uit te voeren om te voldoen aan de REACH-regels of enige andere regelgeving die dierproeven vereist.

Door het "cruelty-free" label te voeren, geven we aan dat we ons inzetten voor ethische praktijken en het welzijn van dieren. We erkennen dat consumenten steeds bewuster worden van de impact van hun aankopen op dieren en het milieu, en we zijn vastbesloten om transparantie en verantwoordelijkheid te tonen in onze productieprocessen.

about us

About Caroline

With over 16 years of experience in healthy make-up, top make-up artist Caroline Rigo is well-known in the beauty scene. Hand her some brushes and make-up, Caroline makes every skin radiant and every woman shine bright like a diamond! Together with her team, she developed several beauty brands that are distributed in the pharma and beauty world.

Our clean commitment

We created our brands because we believe that no woman should have to choose between what is good and what is beautiful.

That's why we use pure, mineral, natural products in a luxurious package. As pure as possible. The best of both worlds that gives us, women using our brands, an extra layer of confidence..

Clean beauty

There is no need to tell you that the world is changing at a rapid pace. People have different expectations, analyze ingredients and want transparency and connection. And that's their prerogative. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient for a make-up brand to just fill shelves with thousands of jars. Make-up and beauty brands need to step up as a social role model. They can make a difference. That's our duty to our clients. It is important to carefully pick the right, effective ingredients that we use in our formulas. Our products are always made with the highest quality and safest synthetic and natural ingredients. After all, we do know that not all synthetic ingredients are bad, and not all natural ingredients are good for our skin and the environment.

Our impact on the world, on the environment, is of tremendous importance. That's we consider it our duty to create products that can be used by everyone. Our mission is to constantly improve ourselves, evolve and evaluate. We are a make-up brand that is continuously evolving, challenging ourselves to find the best formula and vision.


We stand for 100% transparency regarding the ingredients and composition of our products. Cent Pur Cent is one of the beauty brands of Rigorgeous, which is well-known for safety, authenticity, connection, education and openness. Therefore, each product contains only what is absolutely necessary to achieve its purpose.

We use raw materials that are as pure and clean as possible. During our tutorials, we explain as clearly as possible which products can be used for which purpose and how each ingredient individually contributes to this.

We make products for all women, from those with normal skin to those with a very sensitive skin. And of course, we insist and see to the fact that our products are never tested on animals.

Where is the difference?

Thanks to the sheer composition of our products, you can choose how much make-up to apply. A thin layer already provides you a fresh and natural glow during the whole day.

You like a more fully coverage? You can just apply an extra layer. And even with that better coverage, you feel the power of the minerals. Your skin can still breathe as the pores are not clogged by oil, talc, preservative or perfume.

  • Cet Pur Cent Sensitive

    Minimal to no risk of allergic reactions.

  • Easy products

    Our products are easy and user-friendly.

  • Glam & Care

    Products that ensure healthy skin thanks to their nurturing effect and high glamour.

  • Pinklist approved

    Good for our Skin, our Planet, our Body. We achieve this with the Pinklist. With this list, Cent Pur Cent communicates transparently about ingredients that are avoided in our products.

  • As natural as possible

    Our formulas contain a high percentage of natural ingredients without compromising scientific effectiveness.

  • 100% mineral powders

    Our loose powders consist entirely of natural minerals.

about us


Discover Cent Pur Cent's mineral make-up during a fun workshop or demo at your local point of sale. Check our calendar to find a location near you!

about us

Did you know that...

♡ Cent Pur Cent doesn't contain fragrance?
♡ Our make-up does not stick when you kiss your loved one?
♡ Cent Pur Cent becomes one with your skin.
♡ Cent Pur Cent may also be used during chemotherapy?
♡ Our products are being packaged in the Hasselt prison?
♡ Cent Pur Cent is a Belgian brand?
♡ Cent Pur Cent is easy and fast to apply?
♡ We also distribute other brands?

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