Prime time

It’s Prime Time!

Cent Pur Cent's aim is to provide beauty solutions for people with specific skin problems.

Therefore, we go that extra mile: we expanded and renewed our Primer Collection. Our brand new primers are safe and healthy to use when having skin problems like acne, redness, large pores and crow's feet.  


This color-correcting primer combines skincare and makeup. It optically evens out skin discoloration and conceals redness. This primer is suitable for sensitive skin types.


This mattifying primer makes your make-up last the whole night and makes sure your skin (e.g. on your t-zone) does not look oily.

Anti-redness loose powder

This ultra-thin green correcting loose powder is the perfect ally for your radiant make-up routine. It sets your make-up and neutralizes discoloration. Perfection and color correction in one jar.

Magic Blur

A fresh and light-weight primer that evens out pores, hydrates and magnifies your skin while reducing fine lines.

Magic Match

A flattering white cream with advanced micro-encapsulated foundation spheres. The color adapts to your skin tone and gives you a perfect complexion. A radiant skin, every single day, with little effort - that's our aim!

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Illuminating primer

This brightening primer has a a serum-like texture enriched with sodium hyaluronate. This provides your skin with a radiant base for make-up.

This one is Fashionably Late!

Primer spatel brush Cent Pur Cent

Make-up spatula

Apply your primer effortlessly with this make-up spatula. It blends color correctors beautifully. Using a make-up spatula is also a hygienic choice: no need to put your fingers in your day cream or primer.

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